Josefin Caous is a researcher at the Medical Technology Department at RISE and project manager for the Clean Care project.

Recurring surveys show that approximately 9 percent of hospitalized patients have some sort of healthcare-associated infections. The project Clean Care “addresses the urgent need to minimize healthcare-associated infection (HAI) and spreading of antibiotic resistant microbes in healthcare settings. Use of innovative technologies for infection prevention and systematic monitoring of HAI to measure the effects will improve the safety in hospitals.”

The project runs for 28 months and is coordinated by the Research Institute of Sweden (RISE), an independent state research institute. Participants are amongst others Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Karolinska Institute, the University of Halmstad, Getinge, CRC Medical and many other companies. For CEO Anders Rehn, it was a matter of course to participate. ”Care is facing a giant challenge when antibiotic resistance increases. We want to be a part of this and show how crucial ventilation is when it comes to preventing the spread of infections in the operating room.”

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