”LAF canopies are the obvious choice when there is heightened risk of infection.”

Anders Walter, HVAC consultant, SWECO

There should be a LAF canopy in every OR”

Angered, part of greater Gothenburg, saw the grand opening of a new community hospital in 2016. Powered by solar and geothermal energy, the goal was to build the most energy-efficient health facility in Sweden. That also meant finding a supplier of dependable and energy-efficient LAF canopies for three ORs. Project Manager Eva Lindblad recalls, “In my opinion, there should be a LAF-canopy in every OR. It’s safer for the patient and more flexible for the staff. In addition to canopies, CRC also provided HEPA diffusers for the infection unit.”


At a glance

  • Customer requirement: 5 CFU/ or less
  • 3 ORs and an endoscopy room for TB patients
  • 1 OR with LAF canopy
  • HEPA supply unit TL with integrated HEPA filter H 14.
  • Airflow in OR: q=9000 /h (2500 l/s)
  • Air velocity: v=0.25 m/s
  • Canopy diameter: 3,600 mm
  • HEPA filter class: H14 in accordance with EN 1822
  • Two sets of surgical lights incorporated into canopy
  • Integrated lighting
  • Air distribution through double layers of woven polyester fabric
  • Fixed measurement points for DEHS testing.