“CRC did not try to sell us anything. That´s why we chose them.”

Ola Collin, founder and och chairman of Handcenter

“Confidence in CRC”

In 2007, two surgeons, Ola Collin and his partner Anders Wallmon, decided to open a private clinic specialising in hand surgery. “We didn’t know anything about ventilation when we set out, so we had to find someone we could trust,” recalls Ola Collin. “That’s when I came across CRC Medical. After teaching us the basics of ventilation, the guys at CRC installed a LAF-canopy at very short notice. And it’s still serving us well after more than a decade.”


At a glance

  • Customer requirement: 5 CFU/ or less
  • 1 OR
  • Airflow in OR: q=4140 /h (1150 l/s)
  • Air velocity: v=0.25 m/s
  • Canopy diameter: 2,500 mm
  • HEPA filter class: H14 in accordance with EN 1822
  • Surgical lights integrated into canopy
  • Air distribution through double layers of woven polyester fabric
  • Fixed measurement points for DEHS testing
  • 3 wall-mounted fan units.