“LAF virtually guarantees 0 CFU/m³, which is the result we aim for.”

Ann-Sofie Karlsson, developer and surgical nurse at Kungälvs Hospital

“LAF canopies are safer for the patient”


Between 2010 and 2012, Kungälv Hospital extended its surgical units – including three new operating rooms. Ann-Sofie Karlsson, operating nurse, was involved right from the start. “First, you need to understand the basics of ventilation, and we had a steep learning curve. It soon became clear that LAF-canopies were the only way to guarantee patient safety. But great ventilation isn’t enough. You need to ensure there’s no unnecessary traffic in the OR during surgery. Every time a door is opened, it disrupts the laminar airflow. That’s why, whenever we perform implant surgery, the door is locked. We’re very satisfied with CRC Medical, not only their canopies but the also the service they provide, which includes regular readings,” says Ann-Sofie Karlsson.


At a glance

  • Customer requirement: 5 CFU/m³ or less
  • 3 ORs
  • Airflow: q=9000 m³/h
  • Air velocity: v=0.25 m/s
  • HEPA filter class: H 14
  • Diameter: 3,600 mm
  • Two sets of surgical lights incorporated into canopy
  • Air distribution through double layers of woven polyester fabric
  • Fixed measurement points for DEHS testing.