Used in:


  • Operating rooms
  • Surgical prep room
  • Intensive care units
  • Sterile services units


  • Clean rooms
  • Work stations


  • Pharmaceutical
  • Industrial
  • Food

Laminar AirFlow – LAF canopies

CRC canopies with rounded corners are a major improvement on traditional square/rectangular designs. Air turbulence at the corners is also eliminated, making them up to 22% more energy-efficient than standard designs. If the installation calls for it, we integrate rails, support arms and lighting into the canopy. 


CRC’s UCV canopies at a glance

  • Fully HTM 03-01 compliant (United Kingdom)
  • Up to 22% more energy-efficient compared to conventional canopies
  • Skirtless (screenless) and often featuring rounded corners for less air turbulence, CRC’s UCV canopies are both highly flexible and energy-efficient
  • CFU levels > 5/m³
  • HEPA-filtered air through double layers of woven fabric, providing a low-turbulent airflow in the sterile field. The result: a comfortable, draught-free working environment with low noise emissions
  • Integrated lighting decreases visual contrast
  • Attachments for surgical lights, monitor support arms and rails can all be integrated
  • Ambient lighting and ergonomic lights can also be integrated, allowing them to become a part of the overall lighting system in the OR
  • Innovative and proven design. We have designed and installed more than 100 canopies in hospitals and clinics across Scandinavia.