The only way to minimize risk

Laminar Airflow is the only technique capable of consistently delivering ultraclean ventilation (5 CFU/m³ or less). For implant and other surgery associated with increased risk of surgical site infection, it is a must.


No skirts in the OR

CRC Medical’s UCV canopies are skirtless (screenless), ensuring maximum flexibility in OR design. Pendants and other equipment can be moved in or out of the sterile field without obstruction. The design is as suitable for new builds as it for retrofits.


Rounded corners for efficiency

Canopies with rounded corners are a major improvement on traditional square/rectangular designs. Air turbulence at the corners is also eliminated, making them up to 22% more energy-efficient than standard designs.


Even air distribution – without pressure drops

To ensure an even vertical air distribution over the operating table, our UCV canopies feature double layers of woven polyester. This eliminates sudden pressure drops and saves money in the long run. Furthermore, the temperature differential inside the sterile field is just 0.5°C.


Every solution is unique

Because every OR is unique, we offer tailored solutions. Many customers want to integrate surgical and/or examination lights or rails – an impossibility if we only provided standard solutions.


We install, commission, train and monitor

It takes more than a UCV canopy to ensure ultraclean ventilation in the OR. First of all, it has to be installed properly. Staff also need basic training in how the system works, and which routines need to be followed (no ventilation system can compensate for improper dress or too many door openings). What’s more, we provide microbiological readings to make sure our solutions perform as advertised.

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