“We researched ventilation thoroughly before deciding on laminar airflow”

Bodil Kjellander (Nurse Unit Manager Surgery at Värnamo Hospital) and Ingrid Åberg (Nurse Unit Manager Anaesthetics)

“We thought LAF canopies were the best option”

Built in 1976, Värnamo Hospital, situated in south-west Sweden, was in need of refurbishment. So a decision was taken in 2012 to extend its surgery and intensive care units. Completed in 2017, the extended surgery unit houses 10 ORs, seven of which are equipped with CRC Medical’s LAF-canopies. Anders Rehn, CRC Medical, recalls a major challenge in the project. “It was late in the process when the client asked us to integrate rails into the canopy to allow the fitting of an electric leg hoist – an impossibility if we didn’t customise each canopy design.”

For Bodil Kjellander and Ingrid Åberg, working under an ultra-clean ventilation canopy has made for an interesting change. “We’re careful not to place anything in the sterile field that might disrupt airflow,” says Ms. Kjellander.

At a glance

  • 7 ORs
  • Customer requirement: 5 CFU/m³ or lower
  • Airflow in OR: 2,540 l/s
  • Air velocity: v=0.25 m/s
  • Canopy diameter: 3,600 mm
  • Integrated rail for electric leg hoist
  • Integrated lighting.
  • Surgical lights and ergonomic lighting integrated into canopy
  • Air distribution through double layers of woven polyester fabric
  • Fixed measurement points for DEHS testing.